About Leigh

In the early days of 'Good Morning Brisbane', Leigh co-hosted and introduced their audience to a gentle body movement program called 'Isometrics'.

"This appealed to me because of its intelligent approach and somatic basis for movement." When she discovered Ruthy Alon's pioneering work, 'Movement Intelligence®️', she was hooked.

For 10 years Leigh studied the Movement Intelligence®️ programs with the national director of Australia, Jennifer Groves.


Leigh is now a certified teacher of the Movement Intelligence®️ - Bones for Life programs. She brings 25 years of teaching experience as a primary school teacher and TAFE trainer, to provide a creative, stimulating and enjoyable learning environment.  


Leigh has studied personal development techniques and is a qualified Voice Dialogue trainer, Avatar master and hypnotherapist.


Leigh teaches classes in the Northern Rivers of NSW.


bones for life

 Leigh's Story

While enjoying an Avatar training overseas, I decided to join a friend in her 'easy' and 'gentle' morning yoga routine.  One of the postures triggered a severe back injury that put me in bed for about 12 months. I discovered I had 4 bulging lumbar vertebrae (we only have 5!).  


 The pain was excruciating and was barely managed with a mild analgesic. Luckily I had 7 years of Movement Intelligence work behind me so I knew how to avoid aggravating the condition, but that didn't eliminate the pain.


However, employing the Movement Intelligence processes led to gradual improvement. My wonderful doctor advised me against an operation as he did not think it would lead to long term benefits. I had to learn to walk again. Jenny Groves utilised Ruthy Alon's lessons based on primeval movements including the Wave and Creeping processes to 'jog my memory'.


I employed a daily routine of Bones for Life processes along with a gentle physio program and as I improved, the pain subsided. Once I had mobility, I was able to integrate my Bones for Life program with individual Feldenkrais sessions to restore my ability to walk, sit and stand. 


Further tests have shown that my injury is permanent - I still have 4 bulging lumbar vertebrae, but I no longer have pain. My body has reorganised itself by realigning the vertebrae using the principles of Movement Intelligence. If you met me, you would not know I have a back injury.