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are accessible for everybody and support our ability to enjoy physical and mental wellbeing in our daily lives. Click here for details about personal online lessons.



In Movement Intelligence®️ classes, we apply no more than 20% effort to any activity.

Online Movement Intelligence®️ Classes

If you don't live nearby, don't worry, you can book individual lessons with Leigh online.


Using a webinar platform, Leigh will give you a personal one on one instruction including video clips to demonstrate the movements.


At the end of each lesson, you will receive:

  1. A lesson guide for each movement

  2. A recording of each online session with Leigh, including the videos used in the session


            Click here to contact Leigh​

Joining a class inspires us to apply the Bones for Life processes in our daily lives. Regular participation increases our enjoyment and ease of learning. Commitment brings real results.

Private clinics -1 hour


A private individual session allows you to experience the work in a one to one setting. Deeper insights into the movements will bring greater long lasting results.

Moving Intelligently

Postural re-education means deprogramming the body from old habits and showing it new ways to move. Amazingly, the body's intelligence can learn this effortlessly.


Learn how to safely and gently:


  • Align neck and lumbar to avoid compression

  • Cultivate anatomical flexibility and spinal stability


  • Stabilise hip joints to sustain pressure easily


  • Restore spontaneous springiness of knees 


  • Employ sphincters for corrective posture


  • Acquire strategies to overcome the fear of falling

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