Movement Intelligence®️ programs

 are designed to gently and organically realign our bodies to improve our ease in daily movements - sitting, standing, walking, jumping, rolling, falling safely, reaching, pulling, pushing etc.


Without correct postural alignment, joints become worn through deviation and too much pressure. Any kind of exercise with deviations in alignment can lead to major problems.

Bones for Life enhances healthy bones.

Online Movement Intelligence®️ programs

If you don't live nearby, don't worry, you can book individual lessons with Leigh online.


Using a webinar platform, Leigh will give you a personal one on one instruction including video clips to demonstrate the movements.


At the end of each lesson, you will receive:

  1. A lesson guide for each movement

  2. A recording of each online session with Leigh, including the videos used in the session


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Knee and hip replacements have become commonplace in society, but if we resume our old way of walking, sitting and standing, the problem can quickly return.  


By aligning our skeleton correctly, we can minimise joint problems associated with ageing in western society. This is how we move intelligently!


The Bones for Life Program consists of 90 different processes grouped into

3 sections:

Bones 1

Bones 2

Bones 3

Bones for Life teaches you how to do this gently and in a safe, enjoyable environment. Regular practice of the processes can lead to positive changes in posture whether sitting, standing or walking. This enhances an active and graceful old age.  


Ruthy Alon is 84 years old and demonstrates amazing agility - proving that it's never too late to improve our physical and mental wellbeing.


Each process is designed to ease the skeleton into a natural realignment which strengthens bone and supports our whole body as we go about our daily activities.


Strong bones minimise the development of arthritis and osteoporosis in our bones. Walking with a natural springy walk as seen in African peoples, strengthens bones.  



Watch our explanation of Bones for Life on YouTube!


Indigenous peoples have more contact with the natural world. They often walk barefoot or wear practical footwear. They walk on the ground - not on concrete paths in high-heeled or ill-fitting shoes.


2. Their bodies have organised themselves to adapt to their environment with maximum effectiveness over centuries.


3. Many walk with a natural rhythm that enhances bone density with their every movement in daily life.