'Thank you for the fabulous classes and the extraordinary benefits they have brought to my life. Looking forward to more, more, more in 2017!' Di

'Thanks for being a fabulous vivacious teacher , inviting us to discover and learn with and from our bodies !! Looking forward to soaking it all in as time goes by and have a wonderful break and see you in 2017' Faye


'Bones for life is teaching me to move more intelligently, improving my strength and alignment, my confidence and fluidity of movement.'


BFL student

'I would like to say that attending Leigh's Bones for Life Classes, has made a huge, positive impact on my life. As a person who has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), I have struggled with my walking gait, getting in and out of chairs and falling over almost weekly. Since coming to the classes,(I'm now in my second term), my gait has improved, enormously.


I'm more confident when I'm out and about and best of all - I haven't fallen once, since my first class! Leigh is a wonderful teacher and I recommend these classes, wholeheartedly.' Di


'I really enjoyed my first lesson and meeting Leigh and the other participants. I already feel that my limp has lessened! Looking forward to my next lesson'

Dianne Pimble Ward


'Leigh talked me through a process over the phone which produced immediate, impressive results on a sinus problem – something I couldn’t ever have imagined was possible through spinal realignment'. 


Liith Rocha


'Leigh has an infectious smile and is such an inspiring BFL teacher who brings her experience and positivity to the processes which encourages your own journey of self inquiry and practice'.


Joanna Immig


'My shoulder used to throb all the time because my spine was lopsided. Mornings were especially hard and I had to exercise a lot to get some mobility in them.After only 5 BFL lessons, that problem has completely disappeared. I no longer have any pain there. I can't believe it.'